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Save time, enforce best practices, and secure your org with ease.

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Org-Wide Summary
No more tab-hopping. View all your permission set and profile summaries on a single page.
Dynamic Search
Easily find which permission sets and profiles provision a targeted group of permissions.
User Analysis
Compare side-by-side, comprehensive permission summaries for multiple users.
Detailed Audit
Review in-depth similarity analyses across permission sets, profiles, and page layouts.
Track Changes
Save profile and permission set changes for compliance and logging purposes.
No external servers. No browser plugins. Your metadata stays in your control.

Gain Powers. Save Hours.


Seamless Search

Discovering which permission sets and profiles grant selected permissions feels like hunting for a needle in a haystack. Permissions Search is your magnet to easily draw out that needle.

Who Can See What & Why?

Stop wasting hours finding the difference between two users' permissions. User Comparison quickly shows you side-by-side views of what makes each unique.


Permission History Tracking

Easily compare how your permission sets and profiles change over time.

Reclaim Time
Stop wasting your hours chasing down permissions issues you can quickly resolve with Permissions Assistant.
Apply Standards
Implement best practices and utilize Permissions Assistant to regain control over your Salesforce permissions model.
Leverage Expertise
The team behind Permissions Assistant has decades of Salesforce knowledge and experience baked into the application for you.

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